Ingredients:Essential oils can be found in almost all of these products:

Rosemary Oil: Stimulating, bactericide.
Thyme Oil: Strong disinfecting action, improves activity.
Lavender Oil: Relaxing, soothing, germicide.
Citronella Oil: Antiseptic, refreshing, stimulating, healing.
Pine Oil: Stimulating, refreshing, disinfecting and deodorizing.
Mint Oil: Cooling, antiseptic, toning, eases cramps-itching.
Eucalyptus: Antiseptic and wound healing.


Special Ingredients
Menthol: is a constituent of peppermint oil, cooling, refreshing, deodorizing, itch soothing, bactericide.
Camphor: is absorbed very well by the skin together with vegetable oils. It supports blood circulation and stimulates metabolism.
Allantoin: is a substance derived from horse chestnut to increase circulation.
Hamamelis Extract: strengthens vessels, has astringent effect, assists cellular reproduction, alleviates irritations, smoothes skin.
Panthenol: is a Provitamin B5 with marked healing promoting properties. It accelerates skin regeneration.
Chamomile Active Ingredients: such as azulene and bisabolol act to prevent inflammation, assist in healing and is a germicide.
Carbamide: is particularly beneficial to the skin and used with great success in both medicinal and cosmetic preparations. It aids in softening corns, acts as an antiseptic and relieves itching.




Cream Bases

Are skin strengthening, protecting and conditioning oil-in-water emulsions which are absorbed easily by the skin.

Natural Fats: keep the skin supple and elastic; prevent formation of calluses and cracks; serve as basis of most of the GEHWOL preparations.Lanolin: is a substance similar to skin fat with excellent conditioning properties, containing provitamin D.
Med. Special Soap: strengthens and elasticizes the skin, normalizes perspiration, osmotically counteracting blister formation.Product Application
All foot creams are to be used once or twice a day, foot baths from one to three times a week depending on the foot condition.
All foot creams and foot baths have a freshness seal in order to insure the quality of the products.
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